Issue 27

Review– The Big Buddha Bicycle Race

Title: The Big Buddha Bicycle Race  Author: Terence A. Harkin Publisher: Silkworm Books (2017), 396 pages In cyberspace, the word Vietnam comes up as a metaphor for the threat of annihilation followed by a disastrous […]

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Review– 베네딕트 앤더슨 (Benedict Anderson)

Title: 베네딕트 앤더슨(Benedict Anderson) Author: Suh Jiwon Publisher: Seoul: CommunicationBooks Inc, 2018.도서/베네딕트-앤더슨/ This is the first book in Korean that exclusively introduces the academic life of Benedict Anderson. As we know, Anderson “was born […]

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Review– Mythbusting Vietnam: Facts, Fictions, Fantasies

Title: Mythbusting Vietnam: Facts, Fictions, Fantasies Edited by: Catherine Earl Publisher: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2018 Based on its title, Mythbusting Vietnam: Facts, Fiction, Fantasies, would appear to be a revisionist attempt to correct […]

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Review— 50 Years of ASEAN and Singapore

Title: 50 Years of ASEAN and Singapore Authors: Tommy Koh, Sharon Seah Li-Lian, and Chang Li Lin  Publisher: Singapore: World Scientific (2017) The edited volume by Tommy Koh and his colleagues on fifty years of ASEAN illustrates Singapore’s […]

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Review— Maen Pukulan: Pencak Silat Khas Betawi

Gusmanuddin Natawijaya, Maen Pukulan: Pencak Silat Khas Betawi (Fist-play: the pencak silat of Betawi) Jakarta: Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia, 2016, 342 p. Few books are dedicated to the phenomenon of martial initiations in the Malay […]

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REVIEW— Elite: An Anthology

Title: Elite: An Anthology Edited by: Caroline S. Hau, Katrina Tuvera, Isabelita O. Reyes Mandaluyong City: Anvil Publishing, 2016 Elite: An Anthology brings together a kaleidoscope of caricatures of the Filipino elite in a collection […]

Issue 22

REVIEW— Lạc Giới (Paradise in Heart)

Film Title: Lạc Giới (Paradise in Heart) Director: Phi Tiến Sơn Lạc Giới is the outstanding winner in Vietnam Film Festival 2015 with the Golden Kite Award for Best Feature Film (director: Phi Tiến Sơn), […]

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REVIEW— Basagan ng Trip: Complaints About Philippine Culture and Politics

Basagan ng Trip makes theorizing and “discourse” chic. In the Preface, Lisandro E. Claudio notes that “Walang basagan ng trip” mirrors an “anti-critic tradition in Philippine arts” (p. ix). Through this lens, the Filipino psyche encourages creation and discourages criticism as this ruins the vibe of the imaginative process that produces something new. […]

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REVIEW— Mata Hati Kita, The Eyes of Our Hearts

Mata Hati Kita, The Eyes of Our HeartsCompiled by: Angela M. Kuga Thas and Jac SM Kee Petaling Jaya: Gerakbudaya Enterprise, 2016, 142 pages The recent widespread impression that religion, especially Islam, is to blame […]

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REVIEW— Muhammadiyah Jawa

Muhammadiyah JawaAuthor: Ahmad Najib BurhaniYogyakarta: Suara Muhammadiyah, 2016. 184 pages   A Muslim organization in Javanese culture Muhammadiyah Jawa is an important work written on historical development of Muhammadiyah, an Islamic organization established in 1912. […]

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REVIEW— 从文化视角看大湄公河次区域合作《评大湄公河次区域五国文化发展的体制机制研究》

从文化视角看大湄公河次区域合作《评大湄公河次区域五国文化发展的体制机制研究》 (Viewing GMS Economic Cooperation from Cultural Horizon: Review on Study on Mechanism of Cultural Development of 5 Countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region) 王士录 (Shilu Wang) Publisher: Yunnan Publishing Group and Yunnan People’s Publishing […]

Issue 19

Review: Corridor (12 short stories)

Corridor (12 short stories)Alfian Sa’atSingapore: Ethos Books, 2015 (second edition) “Behind these fantastic stories however, was the faint hope that somehow, I had found someone who shared something in common with me.” (“Duel” in Corridor 68) […]

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REVIEW: Ang Makina ni Mang Turing

Guillermo, Ramon. 2013. Ang Makina ni Mang Turing [Mr. Turing’s Machine]Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press. The narrator of scholar-activist Ramon Guillermo’s rousing first novel Ang Makina ni Mang Turing is a nineteenth-century “ilustrado” […]

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REVIEW: Rueng Lao Mueng Tai: Pholawat Khong Mueng Chai Dan Thai Phama

 Niti Pawakapan. เรื่องเล่าเมืองไต: พลวัตของเมืองชายแดนไทย-พม่า Rueng Lao Mueng Tai: Pholawat Khong Mueng Chai Dan Thai Phama (Story of Tai Town: Dynamics of the Town within Borderline between Thailand and Myanmar)Chiang Mai: Center for ASEAN Studies, 2015. […]

Issue 18

REVIEW: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

Liew, Sonny. The Art of Charlie Chan Hock ChyeSingapore: Epigram Books, 2015 The Singapore graphic novel, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Epigram Books, 2015), written and drawn by Sonny Liew, was reported in […]