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Past Issues

Past issues of the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia can be accessed from the links on this page. Almost all of the articles from the two previous Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia websites are now hosted on this site. However, some articles became became corrupted and unfortunately are no longer available

Issue 35—March 2023

The Intellectual History of Buddhism in the Republic of Viet Nam (1955-1975)


Issue 34—December 2022 (Special Issue)

Shinzo Abe’s Legacy for the Future of Japanese-Southeast Asian Relations


Issue 33—September 2022

The Spectre of Digital Authoritarianism for Southeast Asia


Issue 32—March 2022

Southeast Asia’s Artful Diplomacy?


Issue 31—September 2021

Myanmar’s Transition Stalled: From Opening to Coup


Issue 30—March 2021

Environmental Politics in and after Military Authoritarianism in Thailand


Issue 29—January 2021

Pandemic Pedagogy: Teaching Continuity in Times of Global Disruption


Issue 28—September 2020

At the Margins of the Siamese Kingdom: Violent Conflict in Southern Thailand


Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia Issue 27Issue 27—March 2020

Remapping Siam: Regions and Identity in Thailand


KRSEA Beyond the Cold War in Southeast AsiaIssue 26—September 2019

Beyond the Cold War in Southeast Asia


KRSEA-Issue-25-Lao-DPRIssue 25—March 2019

Land Governance in Laos



KRSEA-Issue-24-20-Years-After-SuhartoIssue 24—September 2018

Twenty Years after Suharto



Issue 23—March 2018

Islamism in Southeast Asia



Issue 22— September 2017

Thai Cosmic Politics: Locating
Power in a Diverse Kingdom


Issue 21— March 2017

Political Assassinations
in Southeast Asia


Issue 20— September 2016

Memory Thickness: Presenting
Southeast Asian Pasts


Issue 19 — March 2016

Buddhism, Politics, and
Modernity in Southeast Asia


Issue 18— September 2015

Queer Southeast Asia

Issue 17— March 2015

Inequality and Political Regimes
in Asia

Issue 16—   September 2014

Comics in Southeast Asia: Social
and Political Interpretations

Issue 1Issue_15_banner_35— March 2014

The South China Sea

Issue14_banner_smallIssue 14— September 2013


Monarchies-in-SE-Asia-smallIssue 13— March 2013

Monarchies in Southeast Asia

living-and-the-dead-smallIssue 12— September 2012

The Living and the Dead

Korea-smallIssue 11— March 2011

Southeast Asian Studies in Korea

SE_Asia_China_smallIssue 10— August 2008

Southeast Asia Studies in China

culture_lit_smallIssue 8/9— March 2007

Culture and Literature

issue9_banner_smallIssue 7— September 2006

States, People, and Borders
in Southeast Asia

issue6_election_banner_smallIssue 6— March 2005

Elections and Statesmen

Islam_Southeast_Asia_smallIssue 5— March 2004

Islam in Southeast Asia

Issue_4_small_bannerIssue 4— October 2003

Regional Economic Integration

Issue3_banner_smallIssue 3— March 2003

Nations and Other Stories

issue_2_banner_smallIssue 2— October 2002

Disaster and Rehabilitation

original_banner_blue_smallIssue 1— March 2002

Power and Politics