Alexander Horstmann & Anusorn Unno

Editors’ Introduction– At the Margins of the Siamese Kingdom: Violent Conflict in Southern Thailand

The Thai or Siamese kingdom has always understood itself as a homogeneous imagined national community, in which the Siamese in the Center of Ayutthaya and Bangkok have gradually expanded to the frontiers in the North, Northeast and the South and have, in the rulers understanding, civilising the wild and barbarian peoples living at the edge of the nation. Peoples living in Southern Thailand were divided between Buddhists in upper Southern Thailand until Songkhla, while Muslims tended to dominate the lower part of Southern Thailand, beginning in Pattani. The city of Nakhorn Sri Thammarat used to be the central military garrison, from which the Siamese kingdom expanded towards the lower South, only to be stopped by the British. In Southern Thailand, the Thai Buddhist civilisation met with the Malay Muslim civilisation in the Malay peninsula, marginalising the indigenous people from the coastal regions and the islands, living in the maritime worlds of the oceans. In the lower South, Malay Muslim local elites [...]

Duncan McCargo

Don Pathan

Alisa Hasamoh

The Blooming Years

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Issue 28

Kingdom’s Edge by Richard Humphries

My journey into Thailand’s deep south began in late 2005 with a minivan journey from the southern Thai city of Hat Yai to Pattani. I was living in Malaysia at that time, and about to […]

Issue 27

Migrant Workers and the PAP: Who is Dependent on Whom?

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other high-ranking ministers of the Singapore government have repeatedly expressed gratitude to migrant construction workers for their role in building the gleaming city-state. These low-paid […]

The Covid-19 Pandemic in Japanese and Southeast Asian Perspective: Histories, States, Markets, Societies”: The 44th Southeast Asia Seminar


The call for applications for the 44th Southeast Asia Seminar, organized by CSEAS, is now open. Find out more on the CSEAS website.

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