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Twenty Years after Suharto

This edition of the Kyoto Southeast Asia Review explores the state of Indonesian politics twenty years after the fall of Suharto’s New Order.  In May of 1998 massive demonstrations rocked the nation and forced Suharto’s resignation to end over 30 years of authoritarian rule.  Observers at the time knew little of what to expect with opinions ranging from the collapse and splintering of Indonesia to the return of military rule to the flourishing of democracy.  What has transpired over the last two decades and the shape of Indonesia’s politics today is the subject that five scholars tackle in the essays below.  Paige Tan offers a big-picture overview of Indonesia’s political institutions noting that while politics remains noisy and challenged in some areas, democracy is the new normal and unlikely to be subverted despite several trips to the ‘knife’s edge.’  Tan [...]

Filipino translations now available for Issue 24 of Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia

  • Message from the Editor: This collection of articles from the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia (KRSEA) is published with the financial support of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University. We have compiled all the English articles from Issue 13 (March 2013), to Issue 20 (September 2016). This period marked a turning point for KRSEA with the re-launch of the website in March 2013 and the new online archive of earlier issues. That was when I was assigned as the chief editor of the KRSEA. DOWNLOAD THE FULL MANUSCRIPT (pdf – 105 MB) Looking back to the original KRSEA, it was launched in March 2002 by CSEAS to promote exchange among the intellectual [...]

Ehito Kimura



Colonialism and ASEAN Identity: Inherited “mental barriers” hindering the formation of a collective ASEAN identity

by Site Manager in Trendsetters

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is the main regional organization in Southeast Asia. Initially founded by the five member-states of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand on 8 August 1967, it has since expanded to include Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia and now encompasses 10 countries of differing ethnicities, political systems, cultures, geographies and economic activities. [...]

Review— 50 Years of ASEAN and Singapore

Book Reviews

Title: 50 Years of ASEAN and Singapore Authors: Tommy Koh, Sharon Seah Li-Lian, and Chang Li Lin  Publisher: Singapore: World Scientific (2017) The edited volume by Tommy Koh and his colleagues on fifty years of ASEAN illustrates Singapore’s […]