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  • Southeast Asia as a region has enjoyed a period of relative peace for the last 40 years. Despite a number of minor skirmishes between neighboring countries, there has been no war. This peace has allowed market integration and economic growth across the region. Domestic politics in individual countries, however, has been marked by state violence carried out to maintain political stability. This violence includes killing activists and political dissents, leaders of indigenous communities and minority groups outspoken against ruling governments, and those perceived as a danger to the nation-state. [...]

Prajak Kongkirati

Nuttakorn Vititanon

Arnold P. Alamon

Jung, Bub Mo

Budi Hernawan

YAV | Peera Charoenvattananukul

Rethinking Approaches to the Study of Thai Foreign Policy Behaviours

Thailand, formerly recognised in the old days as Siam, has been generally praised for its successes in astute diplomacy. The conduct of Thai foreign affairs is commonly characterised as ‘bending with the wind policy’, ‘bamboo diplomacy’, or ‘flexible approach to foreign policy’. The survival of Thailand from the European imperialism in the 19th century, the diplomatic opportunism during [...]

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  • The research featured in this issue of Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia offers fresh insights into the places and tactile traces of memory in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and diaspora. Versed in distinct vocabularies of remembrance, our contributors destabilize official discourses and political constructs through innovative analyses of diverse vehicles of memory. Their discrete vistas on Southeast Asian memory disrupt homogenizing discourses – whether theoretical or official – with innovative analyses grounded in specific vocabularies, whether linguistic or aesthetic. […]

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  • Past Issues Past issues of the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia can be accessed from the links on this page. Almost all of the articles from the two previous Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia websites are [...]



Film: Kabisera (The Seat) Directed by: Arturo San Agustin and Real Florido Release date: 25 December 2016 Language: Filipino When a Widow Takes the Helm When a family is forced to come to terms with […]

REVIEW— ทาง: รวมเรื่องสั้นชุดซ ายผ านศึก The Path: Stories of the Veteran Leftists

Book Reviews

Book title: ทาง: รวมเรื่องสั้นชุดซ ายผ านศึก (The Path: stories of the veteran leftists) Author: เสกสรรค์ ประเสริฐกุล (Seksan Prasetkul) Publisher: Samanchon Books, 2016 Stories of the Lost Generation Seksan Prasertkul is a well-known figure in Thailand for […]