Issue 16

Did Goethe read comics?

Comics were not around during the life-time of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but as a prolific writer who sketched all his life, he would have loved them. The Goethe-Institut with its idea of discovering cultural […]

Book Reviews

Onward or Return: Asylum Seekers in Indonesia

During the last decade, Indonesia has become a favored transit point for transiting asylum seekers. Largely from war-torn areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq, these asylum seekers have utilized Indonesia’s geographical proximity and its institutional […]

Book Reviews

REVIEW: Hunger in Nayawak and Other Stories

Hope Sabanpan-Yu (editor). 2012.Hunger in Nayawak and Other Stories.University of San Carlos Press and Cebuano Studies Center. 256 pages Humanism in Lamberto G. Ceballos’ short stories ..The short story is an art, and this kind […]

Book Reviews

REVIEW: Gone Case, A Graphic Novel

Gone Case, A Graphic NovelStory by Dave Chua. Art by Koh Hong Teng. Edited by Joyce Sim.Singapore. Book 1 (2010), Book 2 (2011) Popular culture provides a way for us to understand Southeast Asia and comics gives […]

Book Reviews

REVIEW: Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata [Amapola in 65 Chapters]

 Lee, Ricky. 2011. Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata[Amapola in 65 Chapters]Quezon City, Philippines: Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc. 364+ pp.   Amapola, the protagonist of distinguished playwright and screenwriter Ricky Lee’s novel, is a female impersonator […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Indonesia: The 2004 Elections and Beyond

Indonesia: The 2004 Elections and BeyondAdam Schwarz Singapore / Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / 2004 This monograph is a transcript of a lecture delivered by former Far Eastern Economic Review correspondent Adam Schwarz at the Institute of […]

Book Reviews

Book Review. Democratization in Thailand: Grappling with Realities

Democratization in Thailand: Grappling with Realities『民主化の虚像と実像-タイ現代政治変動のメカニズム』Tamada Yoshifumi玉田芳文Kyoto / Kyoto University Press / 2003 Dr. Tamada Yoshifumi, a distinguished scholar of modern Thai politics at Kyoto University, was awarded the 20th Masayashi Ohira Memorial Prize in 2004 for this […]

Book Reviews

Book Review— Malaysia: Islam, Society and Politics

Malaysia: Islam, Society and PoliticsVirginia Hooker and Norani Othman, editorsSingapore / ISEAS Series on Islam, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / 2003 This collection of essays has been prepared as a tribute to Clive S. […]