Issue 18 Sept. 2015

PHOTO ESSAY: The Rohingya in Aceh

In May 2015, thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants were rescued by Acehnese fishermen after being left on the sea for weeks. Commanded by Panglima Laot, a local customary leader who has the right to […]

Issue 14 Sept. 2014

Daily Life in Mindanao: Photo Essay

Daily Life in Mindanao Photo Essay by Bobby Timonera Mindanao in southern Philippines is populated mainly by three groups of people – the Lumads, the tribal people who first inhabited the place but who are […]

Issue 13 Mar. 2013

REVIEW: Detours to Paradise (Movie)

Detours to Paradise (Sincerely Yours)Produced and directed by Rich Lee. Written by Shu-Wen Hu, Mr. Lee and Shou-Qian Ho.Production year: 2009.Running time: 118 minutes.  This film is directed by Rich Lee, a cram-school teacher whose dream was […]

Book Reviews

REVIEW: Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata [Amapola in 65 Chapters]

 Lee, Ricky. 2011. Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata[Amapola in 65 Chapters]Quezon City, Philippines: Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc. 364+ pp.   Amapola, the protagonist of distinguished playwright and screenwriter Ricky Lee’s novel, is a female impersonator […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Ukkil: Visual Arts of the Sulu Archipelago

Ligaya F. Amilbangsa, Ukkil: Visual Arts of the Sulu Archipelago. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila Press, 2006 Ukkil: Visual Arts of the Sulu Archipelago is a treatise on cultural practices inextricably linked to the political, economic, and social […]

Issue 5 Mar. 2004

Review: David Rumsey On-line Historic Maps

URL: davidrumsey.comCreator: David Rumsey, President, Cartography Associates, San Francisco, California The Past as a Foreign Country: Exploring Historical Maps on the Internet [quote]It appears that the operational domain of the mapping discourse extends far beyond the […]

Book Reviews

Book Review— Malaysia: Islam, Society and Politics

Malaysia: Islam, Society and PoliticsVirginia Hooker and Norani Othman, editorsSingapore / ISEAS Series on Islam, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / 2003 This collection of essays has been prepared as a tribute to Clive S. […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Pondok and the Madrasah in Patani

The Pondok and the Madrasah in PataniHasan MadmarnBangi / Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press / 1999 The study of traditional Islamic institutions in Southern Thailand has not received much systematic and scholarly attention. Institutions such as […]

Issue 5 Mar. 2004

Book Review— The Transformation of Chinese Society in Postwar Singapore: Localizing Process, Regional Networking, and Global Perspective

The Transformation of Chinese Society in Postwar Singapore: Localizing Process, Regional Networking, and Global Perspective战后新加坡华人社会的嬗变:本土情怀,区域网络,全球视野刘宏(Liu Hong)Xiamen / 厦门大学出版社(Xiamen Daxue Chubanshe) / 2003 Liu Hong’s recent Chinese-language monograph, published in the Xiamen University Press series on Southeast Asia and […]

Issue 5 Mar. 2004

After the Fall of Baghdad

Defeatism is an internalized feeling of defeat, a melancholic mournfulness that eventually imprisons one in a dark web. It is like a labyrinth or a path that splits endlessly. Taking a lesson from the bitter […]