Mobile / immobile bodies: recollections of growing up in times of upheaval

Reports and images broadcast in international news media on the “the refugee crisis” and particularly the exodus of Syrian men, women, and children escaping their country’s civil war over the past several months have elicited memories of another large-scale flight when some forty years ago hundreds of thousands of Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese people left their countries in the aftermath of [...]

Badan Yang Bergerak/Tidak Bergerak: Ingatan Yang Tumbuh Di Masa Pergolakan

Siaran laporan dan gambar di media berita internasional tentang “krisis pengungsi” dan khususnya pelarian penduduk Suriah pria, wanita dan anak-anak yang melarikan diri dari perang sipil yang terjadi di negara mereka selama beberapa bulan terakhir ini telah mengingatkan akan pelarian dalam jumlah besar ketika empat puluh tahun lalu ratusan ribu penduduk Kamboja, Laos dan Vietnam meninggalkan [...]

Mainstream Development— The Mekong

Plans to make the Mekong navigable to bigger boats by blasting rapids and shoals threaten to end a way of life for thousands of villagers. The sky rumbles in the distance and cold wind blasts 59-year-old Malee Luangvises as he looks up at the thunderclouds above his village by the Mekong River in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Khong District. The coming of rain in the summer should make a fisherman such [...]

Globalization from the Lao Hinterlands

“Globalization” is only the most recent buzzword to describe the spread of ideas and material goods worldwide. Whether one personally considers globalization to be boon or bane, it is nonetheless a reality that affects almost everyone’s life. With products from around the world on local store shelves, most of us associate globalization closely with modern trade. Archaeological records, [...]