Issue 12

Shaman and Politics in Indonesia

The role of the shaman is barely mentioned in the spotlight of political studies of post New Order Indonesia. The fact is, shaman has been involved in contestation for power in Indonesian politics and thus, its role cannot be ignored. […]

Issue 12

Suicide Among Indonesian Children/Teenagers

       Suicide among Indonesian children/teenagers is apparently increasing every year. This phenomenon started to catch the public attention only after 1998. Komnas Anak (National Commission for Child Protection) in its 2012 mid annual-report mentions that […]

Issue 11

Catatan Tentang Orang Cina Indonesia dalam Politik Lokal

 Pendahuluan  Walaupun banyak perubahan yang telah terjadi setelah peristiwa tragis pada Mei 1998, termasuk revisi paling terbaru dalam Udang-Undang Kewarga-negaraan (terbit Nomor12/2006) yang telah memberikan kalangan Cina Indonesia ruang sosial and politk untuk mengekspresikan identitas […]

Issue 7

The Indonesian Migrants of Davao and Cotabato

The more recent Indonesian migrants to the Philippines are collectively called Maroris by the natives of Davao. They are called Maroris because in coming to southern Mindanao, a lot of them went by way of […]

Issue 6

Vedi Hadiz on Indonesia

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. As you know, we are having parliamentary elections in Indonesia on the 5th of April, and this should actually be a very good time to talk about leadership in Indonesia. The […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Indonesia: The 2004 Elections and Beyond

Indonesia: The 2004 Elections and BeyondAdam Schwarz Singapore / Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / 2004 This monograph is a transcript of a lecture delivered by former Far Eastern Economic Review correspondent Adam Schwarz at the Institute of […]

Issue 4: Regional Economic Integration

Public Perceptions of Indonesia’s Crisis

This is an abridged version of “The Indonesian Crisis from ‘Krismon’ to ‘Kristal’: Perceptions of Social and Cultural Impacts in Jakarta and Semarang,” published in The Indonesian Quarterly, October 2002. The survey from which this […]