Issue 3: Nations and Stories Mar. 2003

Towards Reinventing Indonesian Nationalist Historiography

         The 1965 publication of An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography (Soedjatmoko et al. 1965) was a remarkable accomplishment in view of the comparative paucity of scholarship on other Southeast Asian countries at the time. Since […]

Issue 3: Nations and Stories Mar. 2003

The Chinese in the Collective Memory of the Indonesian Nation

Indonesians of Arab and Indian descent have experienced few problems in their relationship with Indonesians of indigenous ethnic backgrounds. Up until now,  these relationships have run smoothly (despite recent allegations made by the United States […]

Issue 3: Nations and Stories Mar. 2003

Rusli Amran and the Rewriting of Minangkabau History

Rather than review Rusli Amran’s five books on West Sumatran history, this essay will serve as a brief introduction to Minangkabauist historical debates among so-called amateur historians in Indonesia. (All titles are given in English […]

Issue 2: Disaster and Rehabilitation Oct. 2002

Illegal Logging – History and Lessons from Indonesia

         Illegal logging is now a common environmental issue which is debated internationally. It is said that the problem in Indonesia, Cambodia, Russia, Brazil, and certain African countries has become quite severe, with Indonesia experiencing […]

Issue 1 Mar. 2002

Studies in the Political Economy of New Order Indonesia

Farchan Bulkin  “State and Society: Indonesian Politics Under the New Order, 1966-1978” PhD dissertation / University of Washington / 1983  Mochtar Mas’Oed Ekonomi dan Struktur Politik Orde Baru 1966-71 (New Order Economy and Political Structure […]

Issue 1 Mar. 2002

In Golkar’s Grip

Why do high Golkar officials such as Syamsul Muarif, Ferry Mursyidan Baldan, and Slamet Effendi stubbornly shield their party leader, Akbar Tandjung? Why do they try to block the possible formation of a special committee […]

Issue 1 Mar. 2002

Police and Society in Political Turmoil

The dramatic arrest of Tommy Soeharto is the latest event to rock the political scene. The current cases, which link the police with Indonesia’s political turmoil, bring to mind the work of a famous British […]