Issue 23 Mar. 2018

Cambodia-Thailand relations in the post Cold-War Era

As fellow ASEAN member states, Cambodia and Thailand were the only two neighboring countries that were embroiled in military clashes over border disputes in recent times. The Preah Vihear dispute between 2008 and 2011 revived […]

Issue 21 Mar. 2017

Political Economy of Affordable Housing in Malaysia

The fourteenth Malaysian General Election is scheduled to be called on or before 24 August 2018. The election campaigns from both the ruling and opposition parties have virtually started. The clear election agendas so far […]


Rising Environmental Awareness in Vietnam

Rewind to the early days of January 2016 when the famous Cu Rua, or Great-Grandfather Turtle, that had inhabited Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake for decades (some say centuries) passed away. This occurred a week prior […]

Issue 21 Mar. 2017

Southeast Asia, Surprisingly

Benedict Anderson once remarked in an interview he gave to the journal Philippine Studies that “Southeast Asian universities don’t need to think about ‘area studies’ in any hegemonic sense (Singapore tries to do this, with […]

Issue 20 Sept. 2016

Legitimacy and Military Rule in Today’s Thailand

Amidst a wave of recent studies on the global decline of democracy and the concurrent resurgence of authoritarianism (Diamond 2008; Diamond 2015), the Thai case stands out because unlike authoritarian regimes elsewhere, Thailand since May […]


The rise of mass-mobilizing politics in Indonesia

Indonesia prepares for “war!” The glorious time of the “peace dividend” following the 2005 Aceh conflict settlement seems to be over (Honna 2008). The “enemy” has succeeded in weakening the country’s political, economic and social […]