Southern Thailand

From Adek to Mo’ji: Identities of Southern Thai People and Social Realities

Why Adek and Mo’ji? In the earlier stage of outlining the project and collection of information, I intended this piece of work, called “The Silence of Southern Thai Women” to reflect the impact of violence upon women living in the southern border provinces of Thailand. After I had reviewed the data, I then realized that if I presented only the current situations, this piece of work would be [...]

Gendered Crossings: Gender and Migration in Muslim Communities in Thailand’s Southern Border Region

Migration and Communities Along the Border “In the past, things were the opposite. Malaysians used to come here looking for work. Now, everybody here goes to Malaysia for work.” This was the refrain I heard countless times in my research community, several kilometers from a Thai-Malaysian border checkpoint in Narathiwat province. Labor migration to Malaysia, briefly mentioned in the first [...]

Understanding the Situation in the South as a “Millenarian Revolt”

         The Protagonists are the “Small People”  It is difficult to deny that the situation in southern Thailand this year [Ed: 2004] is a social movement numbering hundreds of people. 1 If we include those people who have lent their support to the operations, that number might reach a thousand or more. I am not interested in who led such a large-scale social movement, who the [...]

Peace Demands Trust and Truth

In this 25 March 2004 Bangkok Post commentary, Assistant Editor Sanitsuda Ekachai connects unrest in the South and the 14 March disappearance of civil rights lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit with other recent disturbing events in Thailand – the government’s cover-up of the bird flu outbreak, the coincidence of Prime Minister Thaksin’s business interests with government, and his policies to [...]

Ties of Brotherhood: Cultural Roots of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia

It can be said without exaggeration that over the last four decades Prof. Suthiwong Phongphaibun has become the leading figure in the study of the culture of the southern Thai region. He has published a voluminous output of original books, articles, and edited texts of manuscripts that have played a major role in defining the field. Among his best-known works are Good Things from the [...]