An Arms Race in Southeast Asia: The Claims and Realities

This paper sets out to challenge the conventional wisdom that structural factors consist of the China threat, and that the ongoing South China Sea disputes are the prime factors in the current military build-ups in Southeast Asia. Structural explanations such as these are insufficient to explain the full account of regional military dynamics. Instead, this research argues that military build-ups [...]

“Family” making in Sino-Thai Relations

This article is to set a broad proposition about examining the Sino-Thai relations through cultural linguistic aspects. In this regard, today it is common to hear leaders from China and Thailand frequently express their close ties by stating that “the Chinese and the Thais are the same family” (中泰一家親). The frequent explanation of this intimacy normally refers to their mutual [...]

China’s Three-Pronged Strategy on Regional Connectivity

Since the BRICS summit in July 2014 in Brazil, when five developing member countries announced the establishment of the New Development Bank (NDB), there has been widespread media coverage on regional connectivity. One major step forward was in October 2014, when 21 Asian countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) [...]

The Overseas Chinese Question in Sino-Burmese Relations Viewed from Declassified Documents of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The overseas Chinese question is an important theme in the relations between China and Southeast Asian countries during the Cold War. Although China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declassified relevant documents from the 1950s in January 2004 and May 2006, Chinese scholars in the field of overseas Chinese and Southeast Asian studies have not made good use of them. This essay, based on the newly [...]

The Study of Southeast Asian Languages in China: Present Situation and Future Trends

 Kyoto Review for Southeast Asia Issue 10 (August 2008): Southeast Asian Studies in China  Due to their geographical location, China and the ASEAN countries have long maintained close ties, especially since 1991, when the two sides established a dialogue relationship. In November 2002, the leaders of China and the ASEAN counties signed the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic [...]

Liu Hong on Southeast Asian Studies in Greater China

China has a long tradition of studying its southern neighbors in the region often called the “Nanyang” (南洋) or Southern Ocean. Writings on Southeast Asia by Chinese envoys and traders can be traced back to the third century A.D. These travelogues and official records, though by no means scholarly studies, contain a diverse range of indispensable materials for studying the region prior to [...]