Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia. Issue 5 (March 2004). Islam in Southeast Asia


Issue Five presents a diverse look at Islam in Southeast Asia. Our Review Essays discuss the Islamization of knowledge among Malaysian intellectuals and the intersection of Islamic law and gender issues in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Reprints include the fruits of our collaboration with the Philippines’ Newsbreakmagazine (on art, women, youth, and Aceh) and the US academic journal Positions (on Indonesian reactions to the US invasion of Iraq).

A number of Features highlight Muslim minorities – in northern and southern Thailand, Vietnam, and the southern Philippines – in history, culture, economic development, and educational policy. In Renditions, we are proud to present an out-of-print short story by the Muslim Filipino writer Ibrahim A. Jubaira in its original English, as well as in Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, and Japanese […]

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Issue 5 — FEATURES


interactions“A Plural Peninsula” at Walailak University
Articles from a workshop organized by Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore; Regional Studies Program, Walailak University; Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University

 By Donna J.Amoroso  
BrotherhoodTies of Brotherhood: Cultural Roots of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia. 
By Suthiwong Phongphaibun

cogsVietnam-Champa Relations and the Malay-Islam Regional Network in the 17th–19th Centuries
By Danny Wong Tze Ken  

 elections_malaysiaDemocracy Takes a Thumping: Islamist and Democratic Opposition in Malaysia’s Electoral Authoritarian Regime
By Dan Slater

interactions_thailandYunnanese Muslims along the Northern Thai Border
By Wang Liulan

interactions_iraqModerate Indonesian Muslim Rejection of the US Attack on Iraq
By Moderate Indonesian Muslim Rejection of the US Attack on Iraq

no_bannerFor the Record: An Anti-War Protest in Jakarta Days Before the Bali Bomb Attacks
By Sumit K. Mandal

emergency_report_bannerEconomic Development, Security, and Conflict Prevention in Muslim Mindanao
By Tina Cuyugan

emergency_report_educationComment on ARMM Education Policies
By Masako Ishii

malaysia_interactionsMalaysia’s Growing Economic Relations with the Muslim World
By Khadijah Md. Khalid


book_knowledgeMapping the Terrain: Politics and Cultures of Islamization of Knowledge in Malaysia

Read short abstract in English HERE

By Alexander Horstmann         
women_Islam_lawWomen, Islam, and the Law

Read short abstract in English HERE

By Patricio N. Abinales         


wooden-MosqueIn Search of Islamic Art in Southeast Asia
By Patricia Ma. Araneta  
blue_blood_headerRENDITIONS: Blue Blood of the Big Astana
By Ibrahim A. Jubaira       
defeatismAfter the Fall of Baghdad
 By Ulil Abshar-Abdalla  —Kompas  
peace-wallPeace Demands Trust and Truth
By Sanitsuda Ekachai  —Bangkok Post  
hands_Malay_greetingWomen and Islam in Malaysia
 By Rose Ismail   —Newsbreak  
radical_love_legacyYoung Muslims Speak Out
By  Purwani Diyah Prabandari  —Newsbreak
proper_attireBeyond the Jilbab
 By Andreas Harsono  —Newsbreak  



Creator: David Rumsey
President, Cartography Associates, San Francisco, California

By Caverlee Cary   

islam_diplomacy_cover_newIslam and Democracy: Fear of the Modern World
Fatima Mernissi, trans. Mary Jo Lakeland
New York / Addison-Wesley / 1992

By Shanon Shah

islam_state_coverMalaysia: Islam, Society and Politics
Virginia Hooker and Norani Othman, editors
Singapore / ISEAS Series on Islam, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / 2003

By Carole Faucher

Pondok_smallThe Pondok and the Madrasah in Patani
Hasan Madmarn
Bangi / Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press / 1999

By Naimah Talib

book_reviews_smallThe Transformation of Chinese Society in Postwar Singapore:
Localizing Process, Regional Networking, and Global Perspective
刘宏(Liu Hong)
Xiamen / 厦门大学出版社(Xiamen Daxue Chubanshe) / 2003

By Yow Cheun Hoe


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