South China Sea

An Arms Race in Southeast Asia: The Claims and Realities

This paper sets out to challenge the conventional wisdom that structural factors consist of the China threat, and that the ongoing South China Sea disputes are the prime factors in the current military build-ups in Southeast Asia. Structural explanations such as these are insufficient to explain the full account of regional military dynamics. Instead, this research argues that military build-ups [...]

Chinese Soft Power and ASEAN’s Constructive Engagement: Sino-ASEAN relations and the South China Sea

     After a decade of silence, the South China Sea (SCS) conflict has once again arisen to the top of the East Asian security debate. This conflict is in many ways a litmus test of China’s relations with ASEAN and its member states. It is a conflict embedded in, and a manifestation of, the overarching relations. If the two sides cannot manage the SCS, what is then left of two decades of [...]

Three Priority Measures in Maintaining Peace and Stability in the South China Sea

Tensions in the South China Sea have been boiling in recent years at the benefit of no one, be it China, ASEAN or the international community. Many have warned that the South China Sea is “the future of conflict,” 1the current situation is at an “impasse…” and might lead to “armed conflict” 2 and that it “warrants urgent attention by strategist and policy makers.” 3 A [...]