Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia. Issue 3 (March 2003). Nations and Other Stories


We live our lives within many overlapping stories – of families, political commitments, careers, friendships, and, of course, nations. In Southeast Asia’s recent past, the nation’s story has had particular strength in shaping, dominating, and even eclipsing other narratives of peoples’ lives. This issue of the Kyoto Review examines efforts to define national stories, some alternative narratives that have been marginalized in the process, and glimpses into the ways national narratives intersect with others – from those of citizens’ personal lives to those of neighboring nations.

At the core of the issue are four essays reviewing recent developments in nationalist historiography. (Please see the sidebar in each article for summaries in five languages.) Articles on Thailand and Indonesia survey political, methodological, and technological challenges to dominant historiographies, while those on Malaysia and the Philippines examine particular attempts to open new ways of discussing the past. Related features, reprints, and short reviews looking at intertwining individual and national histories – in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and India – raise questions about violence, love, ideology, aspirations, ethnicity, exclusion, universalism, and how we remember.

A feature focus on Research and Documentation includes articles on Southeast Asian studies in China, Philippine holdings in the Osaka Museum of Ethnology, Japanese scholarship on communism, Chinese heritage centers in Singapore and Malaysia, and an introduction to diplomatic documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom and its regional network.

Finally, many authors touch on the under-addressed question of the gap between academic historiography and popular historical perception. At issue is the way we write, our methodological and ideological concerns, and differential access to new technologies of research and dissemination. It is part of a larger question – the role of academic production – to which we will surely return in the future.

Donna Amoroso
Editor, Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia


Indonesian_histographyTowards Reinventing Indonesian Nationalist Historiography

Short abstract in English

By Rommel Curaming         
Malaysia_finding_outMaking Sense of Malaysia

Short abstract in English

ByDonna J. Amoroso         
languageExposition, Critique and New Directions for Pantayong Pananaw

Short abstract in English

 By Ramon Guillermo          
love-thailandProblems in Contemporary Thai Nationalist Historiography

Short abstract in English

 By Patrick Jory           


cambodia_thialand_love_hateThailand and Cambodia: A Love-Hate Relationship
By Charnvit Kasetsiri  
thai_cultureThe Thai Cultural Constitution
By Nidhi Eoseewong  
anti_chinese_indonesiaThe Chinese in the Collective Memory of the Indonesian Nation
 By Asvi Warman Adam  


saidSaid Zahari’s Long Nights
 By Abdul Rahman Haji Embong  
TUfromSirirat_redOn Knowledge, the Nation, and Universals
By Kasian Tejapira   
suffer_comradesTo Suffer Thy Comrades


Robert Francis Garcia  
information_technologyIT and the Study of History
 By Chalong Soontravanich
Okinawa_mapRyukyu Networks in Maritime Asia
 By Hamashita Takeshi
 Book_from_the_Ryukyu_KingdomThe Rekidai Hoan: Documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom
 Kyoto Review
SEA_studies_chinaLiu Hong on Southeast Asian Studies in Greater China
 By Liu Hong
 communism_asiaJapanese Scholarship on Communism in East and Southeast Asia
 By Onimaru Takeshi
 Osaka_Museum_EthnologyThe Osaka Museum of Ethnology: A Treasure Trove of Philippine Holdings
 Kyoto Review
chinese_studies_southeast_asiaWu Xiao An on Centers for Chinese Studies in Southeast Asia
By Wu Xiao An



amran_smallRusli Amran and the Rewriting of Minangkabau History

By Jeffrey Hadler   

postcolonial-vietnam_smallPostcolonial Vietnam: New Histories of the National Past
Patricia M. Pelley
Durham and London / Duke University Press / 2002

By  Haydon L. Cherry   

vietnam_cinfucianismConfucianism in Vietnam
Hồ Chí Minh City / Vietnam National University and Hồ Chí Minh City Publishing House / 2002

By Bruce Lockhart

diems_failure_smallDiem’s Final Failure: Prelude to America’s War in Vietnam
Philip E. Catton
Lawrence, Kansas / University Press of Kansas / 2003

By Edward Miller
clash_spirits_smallClash of Spirits: The History of Power and Sugar Planter Hegemony on a Visayan Island
Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr.
Honolulu / University of Hawai’i Press / 1998


By Kenneth Paul Andrew Sze-Sian Tan   

armando_smallArmando J. Malay: A Guardian of Memory
(The Life and Times of a Filipino Journalist and Activist)
Marites N. Sison and Yvonne T. Chua
Pasig City / Anvil Publishing / 2002

By Patricio N. Abinales  
gp_smallThe Glass Palace
Amitav Ghosh
New York / Random House / 2002 (paper)
London / HarperCollins UK / 2000 (cloth)
 By Sumit K. Mandal  


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