Issue 7

States, Peoples, and Borders in Southeast Asia

Many borderlands in Southeast Asia—in southern Thailand, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi, Aceh, southern Philippines, Myanmar—have become violent. In the peripheral spaces of Southeast Asian nation-states, people flee from horrific acts of violence committed […]

Issue 7

The Indonesian Migrants of Davao and Cotabato

The more recent Indonesian migrants to the Philippines are collectively called Maroris by the natives of Davao. They are called Maroris because in coming to southern Mindanao, a lot of them went by way of […]

Book Reviews

Research Trends on Southeast Asian Sea Nomads

Sea Nomads in Southeast Asia Southeast Asia, a region encompassing an expanse of coasts and islands rich in varied maritime resources, is known widely for its long-established maritime traditions. What is regrettably less known is […]