REVIEW: Kampong Boy

Kampong Boy is the journey of a freethinker and empathetic spirit who has made the choice to live by his own terms despite external hurdles. [...]

REVIEW— Ballot and Gratitude: Dynamic of Electoral Politics and Clientelism in Thailand

Ballot and Gratitude: Dynamic of Electoral Politics and the Clientelism in Thailand (Heeb Butr Gub Boon Koon: Karn Meung Karn Leuke Tang Lae Karn Plien Plang Krue Kai-U-Pa-Tarm) Viengrat Nethipo Chiang Mai: Center for ASEAN Studies, 2015 Clientelism, the theoretical ground of the book, is the reciprocal relationship between patron and client where the former holds the power of sanction. Referring [...]

Review: Corridor (12 short stories)

Corridor (12 short stories)Alfian Sa’atSingapore: Ethos Books, 2015 (second edition) “Behind these fantastic stories however, was the faint hope that somehow, I had found someone who shared something in common with me.” (“Duel” in Corridor 68) In his collection of short stories, Corridor (first published in 1999), Singaporean writer Alfian Sa’at 1 captures his characters’ hopes and [...]

Film Review: Kuala Lumpur SDN. BHD.

Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd.Director: Andrew Ng Yew Han Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd., a documentary film by indie filmmaker, Andrew Han, premiered in October 2015 as part of the annual KL Eco Film Festival, now in its eight edition. As the title suggests (‘sendirian berhad’, Malay: ‘private limited’), the film tackles an increasingly critical issue in the lives of urban citizens in Kuala Lumpur, [...]

Film Review: Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm)

Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm)Director: Bùi Tuấn Dũng “Siam is not French Indochina, not a (French) colony.It is a nation that has sovereignty.You must behave correctly if you do not want to be expelled.”  A 2015 film directed by Bùi Tuấn Dũng, Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm (re)presents Nguyễn Ái Quốc’s life during his first visit (1928-1929) to [...]