Studying Comics From Southeast Asia

    Since the turn of the millennium, comics have seen an unexpected increase in critical and scholarly attention. Apparently, this can be explained by three larger currents: first, the almost unrestrained expansion of the market economy, including consumerism and a new relevance of “popular culture;” second, the processes of globalization, manifesting, for example, in the world-wide [...]

Pendahuluan: Mempelajari komik dari Asia Tenggara

    Semenjak pergantian milenium, komik telah menarik perhatian yang lebih besar baik secara kritis maupun secara ilmu pengetahuan secara tidak terduga. Sangat jelas, hal ini dilatarbelakangi oleh tiga pergerakan yang lebih besar: yang pertama, ekspansi dari ekonomi pasar yang hampir tak tertahan, termasuk konsumerisasi dan suatu hubungan yang baru mengenai ‘budaya populer’; yang kedua, [...]

A Choice to Review: Encountering Krishen Jit in Talking Drama with Utih

       So it goes, our theatre, from one new thing to another. What else is ahead of us? It is difficult to say, since our playwrights, once freed of many of the rules that existed before the 1970s, have become unpredictable. Only one rule seems to prevail these days, namely that theatre has no hard and fast rules. But with freedom comes a heavy responsibility, especially to the audience, [...]

Thai Literary Trends: From Seni Saowaphong to Chart Kobjitti

           This essay is a study of two novels, Seni Saowaphong’s Pheesart (Ghosts) and Chart Korbjitti’s Khamphiphaksa (The Judgement). Both masterpieces represent the pinnacle of what is valued as belles lettres in Thai literature. But because they also straddle the so-called “student revolution of 1973” an important turning point in modern Thai history (Seni’s work appeared [...]