Issue 37 Mar. 2024

Holding the Reigns: Steering development in Thailand

A scholar portrayed Thailand’s growth as being contentious, with the main issue driving the discussion being who Thailand’s legitimate development actors are (Cogan, 2021) Amnesty International has made headlines and has been accused of being […]

Issue 36 Sept. 2023

The Absence of any Move Forward in Thailand

In May of this year, the Move Forward Party achieved a remarkable victory in the Thai elections; increasing the party’s parliamentary seat count from 81 in the 2019 election to 151 in 2023. However, their […]

Issue 33 Sept. 2022

Transgender Studies in the Kathoeis’ Community

In this article, I assess the social situation of kathoeis (Thai transgender women), critiquing the development of society’s perspectives that reflect the stigmatization and discrimination that kathoeis face. Based on this critique, I make recommendations […]

Issue 30 Mar. 2021

Japan: The Despots’ Accomplice in Asia

Japan’s foreign policy in Asia is not driven by a values-oriented diplomacy. Overall, Tokyo downplays human rights and democratic values in favor of maintaining trade ties and securing geo-strategic advantage. It is thus a values-free […]