Living and the Dead

Encountering Corpses: Notes on Zombies and the Living Dead in Buddhist Southeast Asia

        Corpses are frequently encountered in the Christian religious cultures of Europe and the Americas. Without the need for a quick burial and restrictions on dismemberment in Judaism and Islam, Christians have spent a lot of time viewing corpses, handling corpses, depicting corpses, dissecting them in medical school, employing them in vehicle impact safety tests, and writing and [...]

In Search of Aswang: A Ghost Story, Monster and Sorcerer in Philippine Society

        Introduction: A Piece of Painting       When I visited Fukuoka several years ago, I wandered off to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, which I had been interested in for some time. Among their rich collection of paintings and art works from different Asian countries, I was transfixed by a painting titled “Progress through Education” by a Filipino painter Carlos V. Francisco. [...]

Shaman and Politics in Indonesia

The role of the shaman is barely mentioned in the spotlight of political studies of post New Order Indonesia. The fact is, shaman has been involved in contestation for power in Indonesian politics and thus, its role cannot be ignored. [...]

Suicide Among Indonesian Children/Teenagers

       Suicide among Indonesian children/teenagers is apparently increasing every year. This phenomenon started to catch the public attention only after 1998. Komnas Anak (National Commission for Child Protection) in its 2012 mid annual-report mentions that between January – July 2012, there were 20 cases of child/ teen suicide. According to the chairperson of the Commission, Arist [...]