Southeast Asia

Studying Comics From Southeast Asia

    Since the turn of the millennium, comics have seen an unexpected increase in critical and scholarly attention. Apparently, this can be explained by three larger currents: first, the almost unrestrained expansion of the market economy, including consumerism and a new relevance of “popular culture;” second, the processes of globalization, manifesting, for example, in the world-wide [...]

Southeast Asian Studies in Korea since the 1990s: Review and Reflection by Disciplines

   OH Myung Seok; KIM Hyung-Jun; CHOI Horim; CHO Hung-Guk; CHOI Byung Wook; KIM Young Aih; PARK Sa-Myung; JEONG Yeonsik; PARK Eunhong; BAE Geung-Chan; PARK Bun-Soon; JEON Je Seong 1 Introduction This paper summarizes the discussions of “Southeast Asian Studies in Korea since the 1990s: Review and Reflection by Disciplines”, a special panel discussion at the biannual conference of the Han [...]

Multi-Topic Dialogues and Broader Cooperation within the ASEAN Framework

In recent years, interaction and communication among the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is becoming more frequent and close. The development and improvement of ASEAN mechanisms for regional cooperation has led to a growing tendency for more diversified topics to be on the agenda at ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meetings, Summits, and the various specialized symposia and [...]

Benedict Anderson on Southeast Asia

Thank you very much, Acharn Giles. This is great. First thing I want to say is this: listening to these four excellent and stimulating presentations, I was particularly struck by one thing that came out of Acharn Pasuk’s wonderful talk. She raised a question which is really important and interesting: Under what conditions can people like Thaksin appear? Was a Thaksin possible 10 years ago or 20 [...]

Liu Hong on Southeast Asian Studies in Greater China

China has a long tradition of studying its southern neighbors in the region often called the “Nanyang” (南洋) or Southern Ocean. Writings on Southeast Asia by Chinese envoys and traders can be traced back to the third century A.D. These travelogues and official records, though by no means scholarly studies, contain a diverse range of indispensable materials for studying the region prior to [...]

The Osaka Museum of Ethnology: A Treasure Trove of Philippine Holdings

Three academic institutions in Japan have important holdings of books, journals, magazines, and other printed literature on the Philippines: Sophia University hosts the collection of Filipino historian Mauro Garcia. Kyoto University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies recently increased its holdings substantially with the purchase of the Filipiniana collection of historian Lamberto Ocampo. And [...]