Alternative Lifestyles

Activism to Decriminalise Homosexuality in Singapore

On 28 October 2014 Singapore’s highest court ruled that the law criminalising sexual relations between men, Section 377A of the Penal Code, was constitutionally valid. This disappointing ruling nonetheless marked a vibrant phase of queer activism directed at decriminalisation in a Southeast Asian state known for its conservatism and legal control of social mores and civil-political liberties. [...]

The Death of Gay Malate: One-Time Gay Capital of the Philippines

The Malate district of Metropolitan Manila was the gay capital of the city, indeed of the entire archipelagic Philippines, from the 1970s until the early part of this century. However, a quick walk along the now quiet streets is all one needs to confirm the fact that gay Malate is dead. Several interlocking factors have brought about the demise of Malate as a gay space and this paper is a modest [...]

Same-Sex Relationships: Moves to Recognition in Vietnam and Thailand

The first law recognising same-sex relationships was enacted in the Netherlands in 1979, extending survivor tenancy rights to rent controlled apartments. The first law setting up a registration system for same-sex couples came in Denmark in 1989, which granted a package of rights in parallel with, but outside of, marriage. The first law opening marriage to same-sex couples was enacted in the [...]