PHOTO ESSAY: The Rohingya in Aceh

In May 2015, thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants were rescued by Acehnese fishermen after being left on the sea for weeks. Commanded by Panglima Laot, a local customary leader who has the right to decide what can (and cannot) be done in Aceh’s sea territory, Acehnese fishermen and their society in general have agreed to help and host the migrants. Currently, there are four Rohingya [...]

Beyond the Jilbab

Yuli Suriani is a student at the Banda, Aceh-based Syiah Kuala University, who also works as a radio broadcaster. She is petite and usually wears blue jeans and a canvas jacket. Like most women in Banda, Aceh, Yuli uses a jilbab to cover her head, a cotton scarf that usually matches the color of her dresses. “I feel like imperfect without jilbab. It is a symbol of Muslim women with high [...]

Madness at Simpang Kraft: How Indonesian Journalists Witnessed the Murder of Acehnese Civilians

Chik Rini, a journalist based in Banda Aceh, originally reported this story in May 2002, drawing on five months’ research in Banda Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, and Lhokseumawe, including a one-month stay near Krueng Geukeuh. It appeared in PANTAU, a website promoting journalistic excellence and freedom of the press in Indonesia. PANTAU was published by the Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI) from May [...]