The Colour-Coded Movements as a Space to Enhance Women’s Political Power

This article derived from a dissertation entitled “Women’s New Political Space in Thailand: A Case Study of the Red and Yellow Shirt Movements”, which set out to explore the extent of women’s participation in the Red and Yellow Shirt Movements in Thailand during the period of the vibrant protests (2006 – 2014). 1 The selected subject of the study was women, from both political camps, [...]

Women, Islam, and the Law

         Hjh. Nik Noriani Nik Badlishah, editorIslamic Family Law and Justice for Muslim WomenMalaysia / Sisters in Islam / 2003 Gender, Muslim Laws and Reproductive RightsDavao City / Pilipina Legal Resources Center, Inc. / 2001 The essays in these two volumes deal unevenly with the issues of sexuality, reproductive rights, and gender violence in Islamic societies. There is, however, one [...]

Gender And the Management of Nature Reserves in Vietnam

         Loss of biodiversity is an increasingly serious problem in Vietnam. Although generally perceived as an environmental problem, this loss has profound human consequences, especially for communities living in and around the forest. Local people need forests for many things: to clear for land to plant staple crops; to collect firewood, “wild” foods, and medicinal plants; and as a [...]