Did Goethe read comics?

Comics were not around during the life-time of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but as a prolific writer who sketched all his life, he would have loved them. The Goethe-Institut with its idea of discovering cultural trends and supporting emerging artists, realised the rising importance of comics as an art since 1990. Today, comic exhibitions and blogs, comic artists in residence, international [...]

Review: Kid Stuff

Titi Larasati, Kid Stuff  Bandung: Curhat Anak Bangsa, 2010Reviewed by Elbert Or Tita Larasati, a comics artist based in Bandung, Indonesia, carries her black hardbound notebooks wherever she goes, and takes every opportunity to record her experiences on these visual diaries. Kid Stuff is a selection of pages and entries from these notebooks, capturing moments of her life as a wife and a [...]

Review: FSc. 2012. Clairvoyance

FSc. 2012. Clairvoyance (ebook in Japanese, Tokyo: Ohta Publishing; initial serialization in Pocopoco, March-Dec. 2011) Available online:  http://www.poco2.jp/comic/clairvoyance/Reviewed by Jaqueline Berndt Betwixt and Between Artists who employ the manga mode of graphic storytelling usually do not enter the category of “alternative comics,” as “manga” stands rather for successfully [...]

Book Review— Kubori Kikiam: Strips for the Soul Omnibus

Michael David. Kubori Kikiam: Strips for the Soul Omnibus.Quezon city: Flipside Publishing, 2013Reviewed by Kristine Michelle L. Santos In a nation steeped in Catholic traditions and mores, Philippine comics tend to tread within the safety of childish humour or political satire. Hardly do Philippine comics represent characters with offensive or lewd behaviour nor has it, in recent years, even [...]

Review— Paradox of Democratization: The deep Structure of Asian Politics from the Indonesian Case

Jun Honna, Paradox of Democratization: The deep structure of Asian politics from Indonesian caseTokyo: Iwanami Shoten. 2013Original title in Japanese: 民主化のパラドックスーインドネシアにみるアジア政治の深層Reviewed by Akiko Morishita The book begins with Honna’s real experience during his fieldwork when he interviewed a lawyer on local political corruption in [...]