Migrant Workers

The Production of Shared Space: Notes on Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong and Japan

Our modern world is often characterized as fluid, in which the flow of capital, the stream of people and the flood of products follow multiple paths to keep the pulse of our modern life beating. Mobility of people and objects is clearly linked with the process of globalization. Migration and globalization are indeed twin processes that have transformed the production of space. This means that the [...]

“Arrested Development” Why and how the Thai junta disciplines labor

Since the National Council of Peace and Order (NCPO) has taken control of the Thai administration, criticism of its handling of the economy has been widespread. While critics have focused on the junta’s lack of expertise and the short-term outcomes of its economic policies, there has been little attention on its distinctive strategies. This paper focuses on the conjuncture in Thailand’s [...]

REVIEW: Detours to Paradise (Movie)

Detours to Paradise (Sincerely Yours)Produced and directed by Rich Lee. Written by Shu-Wen Hu, Mr. Lee and Shou-Qian Ho.Production year: 2009.Running time: 118 minutes.  This film is directed by Rich Lee, a cram-school teacher whose dream was to make a film, it is his first work. Focusing on Setia, a female Indonesian migrant worker (starring Indonesian actress Lola Amaria), and Yong, a male [...]

Overseas Filipino Workers, Labor Circulation in Southeast Asia, and the (Mis)management of Overseas Migration Programs

          In recent years overseas contract work has become the Philippines’ prime export commodity. In the year following the 1997 Asian financial crisis, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) remittances amounted to US$7 billion. (DER-BSP, Table 11. OFW Remittances By Country and By Type of Worker.) OFW remittance is such a vital source of revenue that since the mid-1980s the government has [...]

Indonesian Migrant Workers in Japan: Typology and Human Rights

Like other developing countries, Indonesia faces high unemployment, underemployment, and low wages. In Japan, despite great demand for unskilled labor created by the reluctance of highly qualified young workers to take blue collar jobs, Japanese immigration law generally permits only the entry of highly-skilled labor. Nevertheless, over the past decades, a growing number of low-skilled and [...]

Focus on: NGOs Helping Migrant Workers in Japan

Kyoto Review recently talked with Ms. Aoki Reiko about problems faced by migrants and the Japanese laws that affect them. Aoki works with two NGOs in Japan’s Kansai region: Asian People Together, an affiliate of the Kyoto YWCA  and the Center for Health and Rights of Migrants (CHARM) in Osaka. This article is based largely on our conversation. For further information, see the website of [...]

The Chinese in the Collective Memory of the Indonesian Nation

Indonesians of Arab and Indian descent have experienced few problems in their relationship with Indonesians of indigenous ethnic backgrounds. Up until now,  these relationships have run smoothly (despite recent allegations made by the United States that some Indonesians of Arab descent are involved in terrorism). As a matter of fact, they are even considered to belong to the ethnic group of the [...]