Film Reviews

REVIEW— On Five Short Films by Wregas Bhanuteja

EVERYONE IS AN ISLAND Wregas Bhanuteja became (social)-media sensation in Indonesia this year because of winning a Cannes 2016 award with his Prenjak (2016). His 12 minute story about a young woman sold overpriced matches to her fellow male worker in a noodle restaurant. The matches were for light so he could peek her vagina under the table. But after the transaction, the guy reversed the [...]

Film Review: Kuala Lumpur SDN. BHD.

Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd.Director: Andrew Ng Yew Han Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd., a documentary film by indie filmmaker, Andrew Han, premiered in October 2015 as part of the annual KL Eco Film Festival, now in its eight edition. As the title suggests (‘sendirian berhad’, Malay: ‘private limited’), the film tackles an increasingly critical issue in the lives of urban citizens in Kuala Lumpur, [...]

Film Review: Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm)

Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm)Director: Bùi Tuấn Dũng “Siam is not French Indochina, not a (French) colony.It is a nation that has sovereignty.You must behave correctly if you do not want to be expelled.”  A 2015 film directed by Bùi Tuấn Dũng, Ho Chi Minh in Siam (Thầu Chín ở Xiêm (re)presents Nguyễn Ái Quốc’s life during his first visit (1928-1929) to [...]

REVIEW: English Only, Please (2014)

English Only, Please (2014)Directed by Dan Villegas. Script by Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas Bashing the featured films in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 1 has become a tradition as time-honored as the event itself. Most of the films, if not all, are often dismissed either as shoddy filmmaking or as shallow entertainment. Against such opinions, I want to show how one featured film in [...]