The Study of Southeast Asian Languages in China: Present Situation and Future Trends

 Kyoto Review for Southeast Asia Issue 10 (August 2008): Southeast Asian Studies in China  Due to their geographical location, China and the ASEAN countries have long maintained close ties, especially since 1991, when the two sides established a dialogue relationship. In November 2002, the leaders of China and the ASEAN counties signed the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic [...]

Literature and Contemporary Philippine Politics

      In December 1958, almost 57 years ago, about a hundred of the leading writers of the Philippines went up to the resort city of Baguio in the northern highlands to attend a conference sponsored by the Philippine Center of International PEN. They mostly met among themselves – the event was, after all, billed as the National Writers Conference – but they were also visited and spoken [...]

Exposition, Critique and New Directions for Pantayong Pananaw

         The Filipino language has two forms for the English word “we/us”: “tayo” and “kami.” In Bahasa Indonesia, the same distinction holds for the pair “kita” and “kami” (Johns 1997). “Tayo,” which is described as the inclusive form of “we,” refers to a collectivity composed of both the speakers and the listeners in a communication context. “Kami,” which [...]