Economic Partnerships with ASEAN Members are Necessary

Economic partnerships between Japan and the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are of strategic importance to Japan’s Asia policy. However, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry are reportedly opposed to the scrapping of agricultural tariffs that such partnerships would entail. It will be most unfortunate if negotiations [...]

Indonesian Migrant Workers in Japan: Typology and Human Rights

Like other developing countries, Indonesia faces high unemployment, underemployment, and low wages. In Japan, despite great demand for unskilled labor created by the reluctance of highly qualified young workers to take blue collar jobs, Japanese immigration law generally permits only the entry of highly-skilled labor. Nevertheless, over the past decades, a growing number of low-skilled and [...]

Focus on: NGOs Helping Migrant Workers in Japan

Kyoto Review recently talked with Ms. Aoki Reiko about problems faced by migrants and the Japanese laws that affect them. Aoki works with two NGOs in Japan’s Kansai region: Asian People Together, an affiliate of the Kyoto YWCA  and the Center for Health and Rights of Migrants (CHARM) in Osaka. This article is based largely on our conversation. For further information, see the website of [...]

Japanese Government Support for Cultural Exports

From the end of World War Π until the mid 1980s, the Japanese government did very little to promote the export of Japanese cultural industries and products to the world – especially to East and Southeast Asia. In sharp contrast to its large investment in promoting the export of industrial developments, such as cars and electronics, the government did not treat “culture” as an object of [...]

Ryukyu Networks in Maritime Asia

An Introduction to the Rekidai Hoan The Ryukyu Kingdom (present-day Okinawa) was located at the intersection of the South China Sea and East China Sea facing South China and Kyushu. Long before the Ryukyu Kingdom period (1429-1879), it was already alert to the advantages and opportunities offered by the sea and put them to use in its trade with East and Southeast Asia. Under the Ryukyu Kingdom, [...]

The Rekidai Hoan: Documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom

A published translation from Japanese by the Editorial Office of Rekidai Hoan, Okinawa Archives, Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education, March 2003.)  Origin of the Diplomatic Documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom A 444-Year Record (1414-1867) The current Rekidai Hoan represents a fraction of the original archive compiled under the auspices of the Ryukyu Kingdom. While incomplete, the surviving [...]

The Osaka Museum of Ethnology: A Treasure Trove of Philippine Holdings

Three academic institutions in Japan have important holdings of books, journals, magazines, and other printed literature on the Philippines: Sophia University hosts the collection of Filipino historian Mauro Garcia. Kyoto University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies recently increased its holdings substantially with the purchase of the Filipiniana collection of historian Lamberto Ocampo. And [...]