Issue 11

The Idea of Kingship in Buddhist Cambodia

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia Issue 11 (March 2011): Southeast Asian Studies in Korea  “Sihanouk! Long live Sihanouk!” However unusual in the circumstances, this evocation of the prince was no surprise. Citing the destruction by the Americans of their sanctuaries over the border in Cambodia, Hanoi’s troops had penetrated to the heart of Khmer country with impunity, with [...]

Korean Wave in Southeast Asia

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia Issue 11 (March 2011): Southeast Asian Studies in Korea Development of the Korean Wave Since the late 1990s, an increasing amount of Korean popular cultural content including television dramas, movies, pop songs and their associated celebrities have gained immense popularity across East and Southeast Asian countries. News media and trade magazines have recognized [...]

Labor Relations in Korean Companies in Indonesia: Focusing on the Early Period

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia. Issue 11 (March 2011). Southeast Asian Studies in Korea 1. Foreign Investment and Labor Issues Since the late 1980s, Korean firms have begun to aggressively invest abroad following the process of democratization and the rise of labour activities in Korea. In the past, Korean investments abroad tended to be limited only to the industrial sector, natural resource [...]

Historical Dynamics of Southeast Asian Studies in Korea

    Historical Dynamics of Southeast Asian Studies in Korea* Introduction Southeast Asian studies is one of the emerging and swiftly developing fields of study in Korea. This subject, however, was considered academically ‘futile’ until the 1970s. For the last three decades, the number of publications, academics and research institutions has increased in a dramatic manner. This essay aims [...]

Southeast Asian Studies in Korea since the 1990s: Review and Reflection by Disciplines

   OH Myung Seok; KIM Hyung-Jun; CHOI Horim; CHO Hung-Guk; CHOI Byung Wook; KIM Young Aih; PARK Sa-Myung; JEONG Yeonsik; PARK Eunhong; BAE Geung-Chan; PARK Bun-Soon; JEON Je Seong 1 Introduction This paper summarizes the discussions of “Southeast Asian Studies in Korea since the 1990s: Review and Reflection by Disciplines”, a special panel discussion at the biannual conference of the Han [...]

The Social Origins and Political Power of Blaters (Thugs) in Madura

      The symbolic image of Madurese is associated with violence and religiosity. But in fact, these words theoretically represent different, even contradictory meanings. Religious people live ascetically and steer away from committing bad deeds and violent acts. By contrast, people accustomed to violence tend to stay away from ascetic lives. Yet, social reality presents complex problems [...]

From Adek to Mo’ji: Identities of Southern Thai People and Social Realities

Why Adek and Mo’ji? In the earlier stage of outlining the project and collection of information, I intended this piece of work, called “The Silence of Southern Thai Women” to reflect the impact of violence upon women living in the southern border provinces of Thailand. After I had reviewed the data, I then realized that if I presented only the current situations, this piece of work would be [...]