Community Forestry and the Stewardship of Tropical Forests in Asia

         Mark Poffenberger, editorKeepers of the Forest: Land Management Alternatives in Southeast AsiaWest Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A. / Kumarian Press / 1990 M. Victor, C. Lang, and Jeff Bornemeier, editorsCommunity Forestry at a Crossroads: Reflections and Future Directions in the Development of Community ForestryBangkok / RECOFTC Report No. 16 / 1998 Char Miller, editor“Forest [...]

“Community Forest” and Thai Rural Society

         Anan GanjanapanLocal Control of Land and Forest: Cultural Dimensions of Resource Management in Northern ThailandChiang Mai / Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University / 2000 Shigetomi Shin’ichiTai noson no kaihatsu to jumin soshiki(Village organization for rural development in Thailand)Tokyo / The Institute [...]

Trends in Ecological Studies of West Malesian Rainforests

        West Malesia is a term used in botanical geography, indicating the western half of the Malay Archipelago, including peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Bali, and surrounding smaller islands. This paper focuses on ecological studies carried out in West Malesia (though studies from other areas will also be mentioned) to illustrate how trends in tropical rainforest research [...]

Illegal Logging – History and Lessons from Indonesia

          Illegal logging is now a common environmental issue which is debated internationally. It is said that the problem in Indonesia, Cambodia, Russia, Brazil, and certain African countries has become quite severe, with Indonesia experiencing massive deforestation between 1998 and 2001. This was also a time when Indonesian politics underwent a paradigm shift and the Asian region [...]

Gender And the Management of Nature Reserves in Vietnam

         Loss of biodiversity is an increasingly serious problem in Vietnam. Although generally perceived as an environmental problem, this loss has profound human consequences, especially for communities living in and around the forest. Local people need forests for many things: to clear for land to plant staple crops; to collect firewood, “wild” foods, and medicinal plants; and as a [...]

Vietnam: Is Sustainable Mangrove Management Possible?

         Vietnam’s mangrove resources have decreased rapidly in area and quality during the on-going period of Doi Moi (renovation reforms), which started in 1986. Uncontrolled wood extraction, paddy area expansion, mining activities, construction of dikes, dams and roads, and—most importantly—commercial shrimp farming have all been factors in the rapid loss of mangrove. Due to the [...]

On the Politics of Nature Conservation in Thailand

         Conflict in late twentieth century Thailand among state agencies, local people, urban conservationists, and community-rights NGOs over the issue of protected areas and people is strikingly complex and multi-faceted. The conflict has culminated in debate on the draft Community Forest Bill proposed by 50,000 local villagers and passed by the parliament in 2000. However, in March [...]

Constraints on People’s Participation In Forest Management in Thailand

         Local communities have long managed and used forests for their own livelihood. Since the central government took over forest management from the people, however, local communities have suffered and forest management has failed for lack of community participation. It is the intention of this paper to analyze the constraints on people’s participation in managing the forest. [...]

Nature Preservation and International Finance

As an anthropologist on a large consulting team for the World Bank-funded Forest Protection and Barren Lands Development Project in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in early 1996, I was responsible for conveying the reality of indigenous ethnic minority peoples to those designing the project. In part, this concerned the issue of resettlement, since the area’s people have a long history of [...]

Review— Borneo 2000: Environment, Conservation and Land

Borneo 2000: Environment, Conservation and LandMichael Leigh, editor Kuching / Universiti Malaysia Sarawak / 2000 These proceedings of the sixth biennial Borneo Research Conference of July 2000, one of four volumes, were compiled and published prior to the conference “in order to improve the quality of discussion” at the sessions. The contributions of the participants are rather diverse, [...]

Film Review—“Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao”

“Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao”Anthony CollinsColor. English. 29 min. IE Film and Video Company, 2001Available from Documentary Educational Resources Documentary film audiences are generally people concerned with a particular issue or a specific place where real-life drama is played out. A documentary’s title is an important tool in both locating and creating that film’s [...]