Studying Comics From Southeast Asia

    Since the turn of the millennium, comics have seen an unexpected increase in critical and scholarly attention. Apparently, this can be explained by three larger currents: first, the almost unrestrained expansion of the market economy, including consumerism and a new relevance of “popular culture;” second, the processes of globalization, manifesting, for example, in the world-wide [...]

Educational Komiks: Shifting Perspectives

Komiks has been with part of Philippine culture for quite some time. Ambeth Ocampo and Dennis Villegas would  offer Jose Rizal as one of the earliest to illustrate komiks (Villegas, 2011 and Ocampo, 1990). Yet harking back further, John A. Lent would peg Filipinos fascination with illustrated funnies to an earlier time, when magazines published cartoons during the Spanish Occupation period [...]

Comics in Vietnam: A Newly Emerging Form of Storytelling

The Concepts of Comic in Vietnam Comics in Vietnam have suffered criticism from the general public because of the widely felt overtones surrounding the word “comic”.  “Comic” in Vietnamese is “truyen tranh” — whereby  “truyen” means “story” and “tranh” means “picture” and together these are perceived by the older generation as stories with pictures for children. [...]

Current Trends in Singapore Comics: When Autobiography is Mainstream

If awards are indications of anything, then Singapore comics seem to be going places. In February 2014, Ten Sticks and One Rice, written by Oh Yong Hwee and drawn by Koh Hong Teng, won an International Manga Award (Bronze). Initiated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Manga Award was established to honour manga artists who contribute to the promotion of manga overseas. [...]

Blurring the Boundaries of Comics Classification in Indonesia through Wanara

Comics are one of the most significant forms of publication in Indonesia. The initial print for translated comic publications is five times greater (15,000 copies per title) than any other titles (Kuslum, 2007; Indonesia Today, 2012). The best-selling books in Indonesia are taken by translated editions of Japanese comics (Kuslum, 2007). However, the number of comics written and published in [...]