Inequality and Politics in Thailand

Writing in Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville famously declared the ‘general equality of conditions’ the foundation of American democracy. For Thailand, it is different, for it is the general inequality of condition that defines it. Modifying Tocqueville’s words, we can say that Thailand’s inequality has a prodigious influence and exercises the whole course of society, by giving [...]

Ketidakmerataan Dan Politik Di Thailand

Di dalam karyanya “Democracy in America” (Demokrasi di Amerika), Alexis de Tocqueville dengan terkenal menyatakan bahwa ‘general equality of conditions’ (kesetaraan umum dari kondisi-kondisi) merupakan dasar dari demokrasi Amerika. Berbeda dengan Thailand di mana justru ‘general inequality of conditions’ (ketidaksetaraan umum dari kondisi-kondisi) yang mendefinisikan [...]