Will the Mekong Survive Globalization?

The Mystery of the Mekong River During the cool and dry season of 2001, I sailed down the Mekong River on a 200-kilometer journey beginning in southern China, passing through Burmese and Lao territory on my right and left – a designated economic quadrangle “which has not yet succeeded in becoming a hub of economic activities” – eventually reaching the Golden Triangle in Chiang Saen [...]

Globalization from the Lao Hinterlands

“Globalization” is only the most recent buzzword to describe the spread of ideas and material goods worldwide. Whether one personally considers globalization to be boon or bane, it is nonetheless a reality that affects almost everyone’s life. With products from around the world on local store shelves, most of us associate globalization closely with modern trade. Archaeological records, [...]

Review— Final Report: Study on Participatory Planning in Small Islands of Makassar

Final Report: Study on Participatory Planning in Small Islands of MakassarLaporan Akhir: Studi Perencanaan Partispatif Pulau-Pulau Kecil Di Kota MakassarProyek Penelitian dan Pengembangan Daerah tahun anggaran 2000 SPK No.2/SPKKS/PPD/VI/2000Makassar / YASINDO-Pemerintah Kota Makassar / 2000 Recently, people from developed countries have become more sensitive to environmental issues affecting the [...]

Review— The Lumad’s Struggle in the Face of Globalization

The Lumad’s Struggle in the Face of GlobalizationKarl M. Gaspar, C.Ss.R. Davao City / Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao / 2000 Lumad is the local term used to refer to indigenous ethno-linguistic groups in the Philippines who were neither Christianized nor Islamized. Karl Gaspar’s book, which was published at the turn of this century, starts with the question, “What might this [...]