“施亞努! 萬歲 施亞努!” 現場狀況儘管不尋常, 但施亞努王子對此種呼喚聲卻不感意外。由於美國人摧毀了柬埔寨邊界上多處聖地,河內的軍隊因而得以直搗高棉的心臟地區, 香煙是軍人的唯一差旅津貼,而施亞努的名字則是大家的口令(Bizot 2003年, 24)。 保皇派的崩薨 [...]

The Chinese in the Collective Memory of the Indonesian Nation

Indonesians of Arab and Indian descent have experienced few problems in their relationship with Indonesians of indigenous ethnic backgrounds. Up until now,  these relationships have run smoothly (despite recent allegations made by the United States that some Indonesians of Arab descent are involved in terrorism). As a matter of fact, they are even considered to belong to the ethnic group of the [...]