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    The territorial conflict in the South China Sea has become one of Asia’s most vulnerable flashpoints and a mystery for those seeking a solution. Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, in this March issue, proudly presents the case of the South China Sea. We are delighted to have five excellent papers from experts in the field, covering a number of countries involving [...]

Photo Essay— Onward or Return: Asylum Seekers in Indonesia

YAV |Lou Antolihao

From Fiesta to Festival: Tourism and Cultural Politics in the Philippines

This paper looks into the evolution of the San Isidro Fiesta/Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon Province, its transformation from a local religious celebration to a popular tourist attraction. The occasion has been held in May since the early Spanish period as thanksgiving (pahiyas in local terms) for a bountiful harvest to San Isidro Labrador (the Catholic Church’s patron saint of farmers), although its origin dates back to a pre-colonial thanksgiving ritual. After a massive national tourism development program in the 1970s, the local celebration was transformed from a small town festivity (fiesta) into a much-publicized event in the country’s tourism calendar (festival), attracting around half a million people during its [...]

YAV |Eve Warburton

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    Indonesia is increasingly described as a country where ‘resource nationalism’ is on the rise. A recent swathe of protectionist policies and legal disputes with foreign companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors has earned it this unenviable title. Most people who use the term ‘resource nationalism’ do so in a [...]

Mingjiang Li

Nguyen Hung Son

Aileen San Pablo-Baviera

Center for Southeast Asian Studies

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