Special Feature | CJ Hinke

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    I have long been awed by the level of commitment required for any idealist to make the ultimate sacrifice for their cause, the offering of one’s very life. Where does one acquire such steadfast, unbending resolve? Suicide bombers do so to acquire the glories of martyrdom and their mission is anything but selfless; they wish to harm as many others as possible by their own deaths. [...]

From the Guest Editor

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    I am very excited to have been given the opportunity by the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia to highlight the work of a diverse group of six young scholars. These scholars work across a range of disciplines and source materials and have different language skills. However, their work reveals exciting trends in Southeast Asian Studies – scholars of religion who are well-attuned to the social, economic, and political realities and scholars who engage in the study of Buddhism across national and sectarian boundaries. As the editor of this special edition of the journal, I presented these scholars with a nearly impossible task – in 2,000 words describe the role religion [...]
Ak. Mohammed Hafiizh Pg Hashim

An Arms Race in Southeast Asia: The Claims and Realities

This paper sets out to challenge the conventional wisdom that structural factors consist of the China threat, and that the ongoing South China Sea disputes are the prime factors in the current military build-ups in Southeast Asia. Structural explanations such as these are insufficient to explain the full account of regional military dynamics. Instead, this research argues that military build-ups in Southeast Asia are more multifaceted. There are domestic drivers in play such as the role of elites, corruption, economic development and state actors’ perceptions. These all provide a wider range of explanations of Southeast Asia’s military dynamics. It is claimed that this regions military dynamics, and to a larger extent the Asia-Pacific’s, [...]