Book Reviews

Book Review: Confucianism in Vietnam

Confucianism in VietnamHồ Chí Minh City / Vietnam National University and Hồ Chí Minh City Publishing House / 2002 This interesting collection of papers is the fruit of a series of three international conferences held […]

Issue 2: Disaster and Rehabilitation

Gender And the Management of Nature Reserves in Vietnam

         Loss of biodiversity is an increasingly serious problem in Vietnam. Although generally perceived as an environmental problem, this loss has profound human consequences, especially for communities living in and around the forest. Local people […]

Issue 2: Disaster and Rehabilitation

Vietnam: Is Sustainable Mangrove Management Possible?

         Vietnam’s mangrove resources have decreased rapidly in area and quality during the on-going period of Doi Moi (renovation reforms), which started in 1986. Uncontrolled wood extraction, paddy area expansion, mining activities, construction of dikes, […]

Issue 2: Disaster and Rehabilitation

Ecotourism in Vietnam: Potential and Reality

         With 13,000 floral species and over 15,000 faunal species, three newly discovered big animal species, and a ratio of country/world species of 6.3%, Vietnam has enormous tourism—particularly ecotourism—potential. In fact, since 1986, when Doi […]